How Stress Can Affect You and How CBD Can Help

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Stress is a normal part of life, and it comes with its fair share of negative side effects. Whether it’s your daily commute, an impending deadline at work, or a difficult relationship, it can dampen your day-to-day performance and even cause physical problems. It affects us all, but it can spiral into a vicious cycle of anxiety and panic attacks for some. The constant worry, self-doubt, and crippling fear can consume your mind, making it difficult to function—and even worse, it can potentially damage your mental and physical health. Thankfully, CBD can help. Try incorporating CBD oil into your daily wellness routine to combat the negative effects of stress.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is extracted from the hemp plant. While most of the CBD you see is extracted from marijuana plants, hemp plants do not contain THC (the ingredient in marijuana that makes you high). CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant that has been shown to have many medical uses—from helping to manage pain and anxiety to helping with insomnia and even preventing seizures.

Stress and mental health

Stress is a part of everyone’s life. It helps to motivate us and gives us the edge we need to get things done, but when stress becomes extreme, it can be harmful to our health. Prolonged stress can lead to many health problems, such as depression, anxiety, physical pain, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Even mild stress can affect your mental health.

So, can CBD help with stress and anxiety?

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes, including reducing pain, inflammation, anxiety, and seizures. It has recently gained media attention as a non-addictive, non-habit-forming alternative to prescription medications for anxiety. Many people even find that CBD is more effective than traditional anti-anxiety medications in controlling their symptoms, with less of side effects.

How much should you take?

There is no specific dosage of CBD for anxiety. In people with social anxiety disorder, a dose of 300mg to 600mg has been found to help, but it depends on the person. A standard dose has not yet been determined, and further research is needed.

There are a variety of products and forms to consume CBD, such as:

  • CDB Oils
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Drops
  • CBD Teas
  • CBD Vapour
  • CBD Gummies
  • CBD Topicals

Is CBD legal?

As CBD is not psychoactive, it is legal in most places. However, they may be certain restrictions on its sale. For example, it is legal if it contains less than 0.2% THC, but there may be restrictions if it contains more. CBD is widely available in many High Street shops, and no prescription is needed, so you don’t need to worry about whether you’re buying something illegal or not. In fact, there’s not even any age restriction on the sale of CBD products, so if you’re a teenager struggling with exam stress, you’re free to buy yourself a CBD oil or cream.

What does the research say about CBD and stress?

Many people report that CBD helps them cope with stress, anxiety, and depression, but cannabidiol’s effectiveness depends on more than just its chemical structure. Researchers are looking at its potential to support brain function, improve sleep quality, and ease panic attacks. New research on cannabis and CBD has opened the door to a new age in treatment for anxiety, depression, PTSD, and even addiction. Scientists have been studying cannabinoids and their ability to enhance well-being and mitigate the effects of stress on the human body. While research is in its infancy, the findings are promising.

If you suffer from chronic stress or any related illness, CBD is definitely an option you should explore. Not only does CBD have none of the side effects of traditional medication, but it’s also available to buy without a prescription, so it’s possible to try it out without having to see your GP. Give it a go and see how it works for you – you might be pleasantly surprised!